Discover the refined elegance of ShopAtlas decorative hardware, where transitional design seamlessly blends classic charm with modern simplicity. Our extensive collection spans both cabinet and bath hardware, crafted to elevate the aesthetic of any space. Atlas Homewares transitional collection contain cabinet hardware such as handles, knobs, and cup pulls, as well as towel bars, toilet paper holders, and shelves, ideal for transitional style bathrooms. Delve into a palette of rich finishes, from the deep, sophisticated tones of aged and Venetian bronze to the sleek, contemporary sheen of polished chrome and brushed nickel. Each piece is meticulously designed to offer both functionality and style, with finishes that are as durable as they are beautiful. Materials like solid brass, crystal accents, and high-quality zinc are chosen for their longevity and ability to enhance product design. Whether you're looking for the understated elegance of a matte black towel bar, the stylish practicality of a double towel bar, or the classic luxury of a brushed stainless steel cabinet handle, our collection promises versatility and quality. The attention to detail in the design of our oversized handles, knobs, and cup pulls ensures they are not only decorative but also comfortable to use, making them perfect for transitioning your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Embrace the craftsmanship and unique designs of ShopAtlas, where each finish and material is chosen to complement the ever-evolving styles of our discerning clientele, without compromising on ease and comfort.

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