Set sail with the Coastal/Nautical collection from Atlas Homewares, where the spirit of the sea meets sophisticated design. This curated selection of cabinet and bath hardware brings the allure of the ocean into your home with unique designs that echo the tranquility and beauty of coastal life. Crafted from durable materials like zinc, brass, and aluminum, and adorned with finishes ranging from Pewter to Aged Bronze, each piece captures the essence of the sea with motifs like clamshells, starfish, and fish, imbuing your space with a serene, nautical charm. The Oceana series is a highlight of this collection, featuring knobs and pulls that are perfect for those looking to infuse their living spaces with the calm and collected vibe of the coast. Whether it's the intricate detail of a Clamshell Knob in Pewter or the playful whimsy of a Starfish Knob in Verdigris, these pieces are designed to inspire and delight. For those who appreciate the tactile luxury of leather combined with the durability of metal, the Hamptons Leather series offers pieces like the Leather Saddle Knob in Aged Bronze, bringing a touch of coastal elegance to any cabinet or drawer. Atlas Homewares' Coastal/Nautical collection transcends ordinary hardware, offering decorative pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Whether you're decking out a beach house or simply want to bring a touch of the seaside to your home, this collection promises to enhance your décor with its distinctive nautical theme. Embrace the tranquility of coastal living with Atlas Homewares and transform your space into a haven of maritime serenity.

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